My journey in Taiwan has started with an ambiguous question, “Why I choose Taiwan?” and the same question from others also reverted, “Why you choose Taiwan?”



Even though my answer was quite straight forward, but, indeed there is something behind this question. I would have not find a right answer, if I do not meet one of our sister at 7-11 of NTHU, while distributing flyers. I joined Chan club, even though, I am not very interested initially, but still my personal intention has forced me to go there. I slowly started learning the techniques and attended meditation retreats and met many friends. 



Well, as the days are passing by I had a very good and comfortable life and feeling like a heaven. Suddenly, I started experiencing physical suffering. I was injured, while I was playing volley ball. It took a very long time for me to recover, and the meditation has really helped me to recover physically as well as mentally in managing my health, research and other activities. 




Like every beginner, I also faced several hurdles initially, and the most difficult things are, to sit for long time with folded legs and empty mind, controlled breathing and focusing on chakras. Whenever I sit for meditation, the teacher used to mention us to concentrate on chakras, so called, Chanxin, Zhihui, Fayan, Erkong, Mingxin, Mingse, Ruyi, Wushi, Wuming, Jixiang and activate them. In fact, I was not aware of what chakras (energy points) are really mean? But, I still keep thinking about them. Suddenly, one night I experienced a bright light during my sleep at the dharma eye charka and heart chakra. The feelings were simply beyond imagination. My heart expands as high as the universe and my dharma eye chakra fly above the sky and reached to the earth. But didn’t realize what it was and just I thought it was a dream. I got up in the morning and look at the table where I kept the idols of god. Instead of all, I have seen a Buddha statue (greenish yellow in color) there. I asked my friend, “Who brought this one to here?” he said that one of our senior friends had brought that statue to that room. Didn’t realize the significance as my mind was clouded with preoccupied thoughts. 




突然間,有一天晚上在我睡覺的時候,我見證到法眼輪和明心輪有一道很亮的光,這感覺實在難以想像,而心也放大到跟宇宙虛空一樣大,我的法眼輪飛上天際,再下到地表。但我不了解這代表什麼,只以為這是夢。隔天早上醒來,往我平常放神像的桌上望,只看到一尊(泛綠的黃銅色)佛像在桌上。我問我的朋友, “是誰把這尊佛像擺在這裡的呢?” 他回答說是我們的一位學長帶來的。但我還是不了解這其中的涵義,因為那時我的心被一些先入為主的思緒所障蔽了。

Later joined advanced meditation classes at Taichung, which was directly led by Chan patriarch (Shi-Fu). We usually reach there by every Saturday morning along with my fellow practitioners by bus. In the return trip, we had a habit of sharing the meditation experience during the journey hours. Every time my fellow practitioners used to ask me to share my Chan (meditation) experience, and I simply reply them that I do not experience any miracles to share. They were tired of asking me every week, as the time goes on. I think the Shi-Fu (Master) decided to teach me a strong lesson. Eventually, I started facing hard time and many puzzles had to be resolved along with the three colors, such as, yellow, green and red. Day by day my heart became very soft and started experiencing the energy changes very easily. 


之後,我參加在台中的圓滿禪修講座,這個班是由我們的 師父親自上課。



我想,這時 師父決定要給我一個考驗,點醒我了。我開始面臨一些障礙,以及跟三色光─紅、黃、綠有關的疑問要去參悟。我的心一天一天變得柔軟,也開始很容易感覺到磁場的變化。

The day of “Festival of Lights” has come. The spiritual significance of this festival was light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. After the day of Diwali, my friends invited me to Guangxi forest. Since I was tired on the previous day, I was totally not willing to attend the visit of Guangxi forest. But they mentioned to me that it was medicinal Buddha’s birthday and Shi-Fu would lead us. I joined them, but, unfortunately Shi-Fu has not arrived. Inside the temple, I have seen many Buddha statues and most of them were green in color. Sat for meditation for a while and opened my eyes and directed towards 4 Buddha statues. There was one big yellow statue and in front of that there were 3 small statues. Among those 3 statues, two were green which are on either side of the white statue which was pointing one finger to the sky and another to the earth. This reminds me what I have seen in my dreams (a bright light). This incident made me to have more focus on the recent incidents and prompted me to have a keen observation. The green statues called as medicinal Buddha, who cures the poisons. Overall, the meaning of these 3 statues are, one who can clean his poisons such as desire, anger, greed etc., are will be enlightened. One who can overcome his desires will have a compassionate heart and will reach to the pure Buddha land. 



光明節過後的隔天,師兄姐邀請我到關西藥師佛禪寺,但我因前一天的活動感到疲憊萬分,所以我根本沒有意願參加。但他們跟我說這是藥師佛誕的慶祝活動,而且 師父也會來,我就去了,但可惜 師父沒有來。在禪寺裡面,我看到很多法相,大部分都是綠色的。

我坐下來禪定了一會,睜開眼睛時,看到四尊法相,一尊是黃色的大法相,前面是三尊小的法相。 那三尊法相當中,中間是一尊白色的法相,左右兩尊是綠色的,一尊指天、一尊指地。這令我想起我在夢中所見到的(一道亮光)。這讓我更專注於最近發生的事情上,也讓我的觀察力更為敏銳。那尊綠色的法相是能夠治癒五毒的藥師佛。整體來說,(我參悟到)這三尊法相的意義是,能夠清淨三毒二邪─如貪、嗔、癡等─的人,就能夠到達究竟,能夠戰勝欲望的人會有一顆慈悲心,並且能夠到達佛國淨土。

There was an unexpected call from Shi-Fu to have a class for promoting the world peace through Chan. Before that night, I had dreamt of two people and they were trying to measure my energy levels. Now I was unable to fly like before. Instead, I was flying horizontally and got hurt by many walls and obstacles. 


後來, 師父要特別辦一場推動世界和平的一日禪。活動前一晚,我夢見兩個人試著要來測量我的能量層次。而我已無法像先前那樣飛上天際。相反地,我只能水平移動,還有很多道牆和障礙限制住我。

Went for Shi-Fu’s class and got to know the significance of the color “Red”.
After the morning session, we had lunch and took a nap for a while. During the nap, my heart chakra became heavy and covered by many shadows and no light in my Dharma eye chakra. Instead of feeling of joy, I heard a deep shout which was in contrast to my previous experience where I just literally fly. 


隔一天,我去參加 師父的課,也開始參悟到紅色母光代表的真實義。


I used to blame Shi-Fu for preaching in Chinese as I was unable to get even single word of him except feeling the ideology of Chan. But there was another session of Chan sharing in the noon by Brother Miao-Ming one of the American disciple of Shi-Fu who got the heat to heart transmission. After sharing of his experience of Chan, I felt like it is a compact message of Shi-Fu for me. 


我過去會埋怨 師父用中文開示,因為除了感受到禪法之外,我連一個字都聽不懂。但這天下午有另一堂課程,是妙明師兄的演講,他是一位已接到 師父傳承佛心印的美國弟子。聽完妙明師兄的分享以後,我覺得這是 師父特別要傳達給我的訊息。

In that night, after the Shi-Fu’s class I had experienced a miracle and got to know that what the dark shadows are really mean. My true self was started crying, tears are coming out and with the tears I felt that all my chakras were cleaned and started seeing the red light again at my Dharma eye chakra. In the next day I also experienced melting of my heart and became very sensitive and light. Many other things also happened which I cannot convey exactly. But as Brother Miao – Ming said, I am in the trails of reaching to the top of the mountain. After that night, I cried out from my true self and all other experiences, and started to be able to sense other's negative energy. I started to realize that Chan takes continuous practice in order to touch more hearts. Before, I could not sense other's negative energy fields, because I had the same frequency with them. Now, with a pure heart, I can clearly sense others energy fields and their sufferings. In a recent meditation, I also witnessed red lights, and had been thinking about what it really symbolizes? I started to realize that Shi-fu's power or Buddha light does not give a choice for whom to decide, in what name or what look, but rather, it depends on whether or not you can resonate your frequency with Shi-fu and you can automatically receive. We have to clear the clouds covering our true self. Shi-fu cannot clean all that for every practitioner, but we have to purify ourselves in a way that we could automatically received from him.




隔天,我也感覺到心在軟化,變得非常敏銳,也變亮了,還有很多見證是我無法清楚表達的。但就像妙明師兄說的,我現在正在通往頂峰的路途上。在那天晚上從我自性發出的哭泣,以及其他見證之後,我開始能夠感覺到他人的負面磁場。我了悟到,禪需要持續不斷地去修,才能接引更多的人。之前,我無法感覺到他人的負面磁場,是因為我跟他們有著相同的頻率。現在,以一顆清淨的心,我可以清楚感覺到他人的磁場和痛苦。在最近的一次 禪定中,我見證到紅光,也一直在參悟它所代表的真實義。我了解到, 師父的證量或佛光,並不會有所選擇,不管你是誰、叫甚麼名字、長甚麼樣子,而是取決於你是否能夠相應,你自然能夠接到。我們都必須要撥開那些遮蔽我們自性的烏雲, 師父沒有辦法全部幫我們清淨,我們要自己清淨,自然能夠接到 師父的力量

In the past I was busy with research, now based on all the experiences I had from Chan meditation, I realized that spiritual practicing is more important than everything. Now, I spend most of the time on meditation and on sharing with friends, but there were no problems coming out on my research. Before I studied PhD in IIT, I didn't know what drew me here. After I came, everyone asked me why I gave up IIT. I also didn't know why, I was also crying in my heart when I made the decision. But now I realize the answer, I am here to practice True Dharma, and to find Shi-fu. I started to realize why Shi-fu chose Taiwan to spread Chan. Taiwan is a very small island. China or India is too big. The preachings of Shi-fu started from here through every disciple, to spread Chan to the world. 




過去 我在印度理工學院唸博班,我不知道是甚麼把我帶來台灣。我來了之後,每個人都問我為什麼要放棄印度理工學院?

我也不知道為什麼,當時我下這個決定的時候, 我的內心也在哭泣。但現在我知道答案了,我是來這裡修行正法,找到 師父的。我開始了解到,為什麼 師父會選擇台灣來弘法。台灣是個小島,而印度或中國大陸都太大, 師父的法要從這裡開始,透過每一位弟子,傳到全世界。

I realize that Shi-fu can save all spirits but he cannot talk to everyone and bring everyone to the meditation center. He needs us, one by one, step by step, to walk into the society to share Chan to everyone. I also realized that one day I will have to bring this True Dharma back to India. Now, the one who practice Chan are still few, spirits with low level are far more; therefore there are lots of disasters on earth. Therefore, when I go to share with people about Chan, I can feel that they not only take away my light inside but also pour the negative energy inside me. But, I know I still have to do it as long as I do meditation and have light in me again. I hope one day there will be more and more practitioners, thus with more people, more power. In the past I did not understand the exchange of energy fields, and once soon after I experienced them by myself, I started to realize. Also, with this breakthrough, commitment and little experience, one who was ready to give his heart to Buddha can be easily enlightened. 


我也了解到, 師父可以救渡眾生的靈性,但 師父沒有辦法跟每個人講話、帶每個人來會館上課。 師父需要我們,一個一個、一步一步,走進社會,將禪法傳給每個人。 我也了悟到,有一天我要把正法傳回印度


Once you got enlightened, your mind automatically started to keep away from bad karma and make you as a complete vegetarian. Finally, I realized that I came here, Shi-Fu’s land to experience my Karma and to promote the world peace through enlightenment by practicing the Chan.



最後,我終於了解,我來到 師父傳法的地方─台灣,是要來了業,以及透過禪修而開悟,推動世界和平。

Thank you Shi-Fu, Karen and all the brothers and sisters. 


感恩師父, 感恩師兄、師姐

Ganesh Gollavelli



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