1. About Miao-Tian Shifu’s Practice

There are many people that teach very good Buddhist practices. There are varied good mediation instructors and there are many good people that teach Buddhist practice. But everyone that I’ve ever met, has not got beyond form, everybody only teaches how to release the mind. The highest level in every other school, monasteries or temples I’ve been in, they teach you how to break through the mind. Shifu takes this to a much higher level; he takes this to touch your spirit. This is the goal of all these other schools but they don’t know how to get there; their path stops. Shifu knows how to get to the end, and I can feel this immediately and I know it is absolutely true.

Shifu’s practice is spiritual practice and everyone else that I’ve ever met all over the world is still stuck in form practice, and you can feel this difference very clearly.



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